Gram Parsons Gift Pillow

Please note that image is now slightly smaller to better fit the pillow size.

Please note that image is now slightly smaller to better fit the pillow size.

Each pillow is handmade to create a unique collectible gift. A beautiful gift for the true fan!
Collector pin added at no additional cost while supplies last. See selection below.

Product Details

  • 12" x 16" Textured velvet pillow cover
  • Four color printed artwork hand-sewn 
  • Decorative metal beaded trim 
  • Rhinestone-trimmed leather heart element
  • Item is not washable–spot clean at your own risk

Price: $50.00 each

plus $5.00 Shipping & Handling

Pillow Inserts

To save on shipping costs we provide the pillow cover only. It is created as a pocket with a slight overlap to the back side and velcro closures for the bottom. Below are two pillow insert options online. Options are also available at Ross®, Dollar Store®, Target®, and other suppliers.

      Velcro closures included on cover

      Velcro closures included on cover


Pillow Insert Options

           Pillow Insert Not Included

           Pillow Insert Not Included

Limited Edition Decorative Pin

While supplies last I can add an additional Gram center pin to your pillow. These buttons are available only while supplies last as I do not know if I can find any more. Please let me know your choice when you purchase.

Examples of Other Custom Designs

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or custom requests for different fabrics, sizes or images and I will be glad to provide an estimate. I take care to respect copyright laws and use only images located in the public domain or supplied by the customer.